Ember Marketing Co.
Emily Miller
1551 Derby Rd
Victoria, BC V8P 1T6
October 5, 2020
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November 4, 2020
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  1. Service

    Digital Marketing Management (Campaign Setup, One-time Fee)
    Instagram and Facebook Paid Advertising Campaigns


    • Development of Campaign Strategies
    • Creation of 2-3 ads per platform
    • Creation of Audiences
    • Copywriting Services
    • Graphic Design Services*

    *Ad creative will be static, or will utilize Facebook’s slideshow generators. Custom video editing services available for an additional $50/ad

    Note: Price does not include ad budget

  2. Digital Marketing Maintenance (Monthly Maintenance Fee)


    • Monitoring of campaigns
    • Minor edits to campaigns as needed
    • Analysis of data
    • Monthly success overviews
    • Quarterly performance reports
  3. Creation of Additional Ads: $150/ad


    • Creation of Audiences (if needed)
    • Copywriting Services
    • Graphic Design Services*
Subtotal $900.00
Taxes $45.00
Total $945.00


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Note: Work will be scheduled once estimate is accepted, and expected delivery date for first draft will be provided. By accepting this estimate, you agree to the items described above and below, as well as our Proposal Terms & Conditions. Payments can be made via Paypal or e-transfer.


Once estimate is accepted, you will receive an estimated timeline for the First Draft/Phase of each item. Items will then be reviewed by the Client and additional changes will be made as needed until item is deemed complete. If the number of changes required goes over the estimated time, Client will be informed in advance for approval.

Phase 1: Strategy

Using the information we have gathered from our client and from our market research, we will identify the key deliverables and develop a recommended strategy to achieve those goals.

Phase 2: Copywriting

Based on this strategy, we will present a document outlining ad text content, demographic, and links for approval.

Phase 3: Creative

Once ad text is approved, images and/or video will be chosen to compliment and enhance ad content.

Phase 4: Ad Previews

Approved copy and creative will be applied to the ad account(s) in Draft mode. Demographics, Audience(s), and Budget will be applied per ad set. Links or screenshots will be supplied for final approval before a campaign goes live.

Phase 5: Launch and Maintenance

Approved ads will be made live, and monitored for best ROI. Generally the first month is an “exploration” phase, which allows us to collect data for your specific demographic. Strategies will be adjusted as needed to achieve the best results.

Note: The Client will be responsible for supplying any text, images and other information to be included, otherwise we will use our best judgement and recommendations. A final invoice will be sent after campaign is made live. Any additional work beyond this point and not outlined here will be considered a new project and will be billed hourly, unless otherwise stated in writing and agreed upon by both parties. Monthly services and ad budget will be due on the 1st of each month.


If you approve of the above cost estimates and terms, please click the Accept Estimate button above.

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