Hello to our lovely clients and followers! Last year brought about great growth and opportunities, which has helped us learn more about our clients and what works (and doesn’t work for them). We’re always looking to streamline our processes, while providing our clients with the best possible service and information that we can. With that in mind, we have some new changes and resources in the works!

1. Client Support Tutorials

We love providing a full-service marketing and web experience to our clients, but let’s be real: not everyone can afford the services a full team can provide. Last year we implemented our Payment Plan options for our start-up clients, which has helped them get started with a full custom website while they build up the income side of their business.┬áMany of these start-up clients have chosen to manage their own website to begin with as another cost-saving effort.

Unfortunately, websites are a complex thing and it’s difficult to reduce years of education and experience into a simple email or one-on-one coaching session! We of course are happy to answer any questions as needed, but sometimes this just isn’t enough. This is why we’re developing a series of video tutorials explaining the basics of how a website is built, terminology such as hosting and servers, and most importantly how to make simple edits to your new website. If you have any input for what you’d like to see covered, feel free to Contact Us!


2. Additional Services

We’re always working to improve everything we do. Technology is constantly changing, so our services will too. We’re developing additional Website Maintenance and Digital Marketing packages to help our clients reach their business goals. Contact us for a free quote!


3. New Billing Structure

While our monthly Website Maintenance and Marketing Packages are our most popular services, we do also offer any of our services at an hourly rate as needed. We generally recommend providing a list of tasks in bullet format with a brief explanation and screenshots if applicable. As of March 1st, 2020 will be implementing a minimum $50 charge for these tasks*.


*Tasks are generally any action made by a team member. This may include but not be limited to: website, graphics, or campaign edits, account changes, system updates, checking account or server status, system or account setups, etc. Fee may be waived at Ember’s discretion.


As always, thank you for being part of the Ember family! Have questions or want to learn more about a service? Just ask!

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